Humpback Whales- Magnificent creatures of the Atlantic Ocean

So when we were in Cape Cod a few weeks ago, we went whale watching in the Atlantic Ocean. Wow! words can’t describe how magnificent the humpback whales are! They range from 39-52 feet (12-16m) in length and weigh about 79,000 lbs (36,000 kgs). These creatures are massive and truly amazing! It was hard to capture them because the boat was pretty rocky and these monsters move pretty fast! well at least these shots will give you a bit of an idea….stunning creatures! here’s the tour we went on:

Humpback whale diving

This fancy guy was doing all kinds of tricks for us

pair of humpbacks hanging out together

8 thoughts on “Humpback Whales- Magnificent creatures of the Atlantic Ocean

  1. You are right, it’s so thrilling to see these whales in the open seas. Way better than watching the whales at SeaWorld. We couldn’t do it this time, but the kids had immensely enjoyed the tour last year……especially when they squirt water through there blow holes.

  2. Everyone should share at least once in their lifetime a moment with these wonders of nature. Prior to this I always thought that business of whales communicating with people was a myth. I was proved wrong after this experience!

  3. amazing photos…but I’m sure an even more amazing experience for you…can’t believe something so large can actually do a back flip…lol…miraculous indeed!!!

    • Thanks Lisa! so true….the experience was pretty amazing! the pictures don’t capture how MASSIVE and mysterious they truly are (sometimes I have to try not to get caught up in “capturing” the moment and just remember to take it in 🙂

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